Friday, January 1, 2010

Into New Year Twenty Ten (2010)

I am watching the live telecast of the lowering the ball ceremony held annually in Times Square, NY.

Colloquially, I think we pronounced whole decade in thousands by saying year Two Thousand One to year Two Thousand Nine.
There are still style in variation in saying "Year Two Thousand Ten" versus "Year Twenty Ten".
Which one sounds better?

As my biased hint:
Which year the first Nobel Prize was awarded?
One thousand Nine hundred one (1901) or Nineteen o One (1901)?

How does Year Twenty o One sounds? Year Two Thousand One?


  1. Interesting notice!!
    I think Year Twenty o One sounds much better.
    But wait...i will have a think on it.

  2. Good dude!!

    Nineteen o One (not nine)!! sounds better.

    Thus for the corollary: Twenty ten Sounds better.

  3. nKM ji -life is not fair but it is still good. However good or bad a situation is, it will change. Each day, thank God for all the blessings and beautiful gifts He has given to us. Enjoy living for the next full year. Happy 2010!

  4. @free thanks 4 catching typo!

  5. two thousand ten, I like it better, it sounds more poetic, but when I reach the year 2020, then I will say it out loud TWENTY TWENTY :-D


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