Friday, April 11, 2014

Bye Bye Google Current! #GoogleSpringCleanout

So, Google Current is the latest victim of the Spring clean out!
(Last time I was complaining about Reader, people referred to Current see here... Now what?)
Must have been under the rock because when I tried to open Current, I was surprised with this!

Sorry, I will not be using Google Play Newstand. I will rather move on to Pulse.

Here is a poem:
First they came for first round of Spring Clean-up, I did not rant because there was none of my favorites. (see this list)
Then they come for another rounds, I ranted a bit because igoogle and GReader was in the list. (announcement, another list here)
Next they will come for Gmail and Search, Oh! no they wouldn't!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

#CancelColbert worked! Poor @StephenAtHome will be forced to Letterman's Seat

If you are student of causality, you may assign some degrees of belief into the argument that there was #CancelColbert movement some time back, and that it might have worked (wink!).
And if you were one of the supporter of the movement,
for example:
you should be happy that he is probably going to lose his Colbert Report spotlight as he will be seating at the Late Show.

The CBS Tweet just confirmed it.

What can be worse than losing the syndicated channels just to be bumped into the national TV?
Poor @ColbertReport, we will miss you!
Take it easy!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Bing Trolling, or is IE really faster?

Using Chrome? Search faster and stay in the know with Internet Explorer. That's the message I get when I go to, or search via chrome using bing as default search. Is bing trolling or has internet explorer become faster during these times? Please give me some stats..
 By the way an added incentive to use bing might also lie in the bing rewards program. 1 points for two searches, and 525 credit for $5 amazon gift card or starbucks card. Not bad? Well, here is a referral...