Thursday, February 4, 2016

Turn off Autoplay Video in Linkedin

It seems that linkedin has turned on autoplay for the videos. Also, it seems that many people want to get rid of them.
The shortest route at the moment is the following link:
Then toggle the
"Auto-play videos that appear in your newsfeed" option. Then save the option.

A longer way to go about it is by going to your settings>manage video settings and then toggle the auto play thingy.

I hope you are able to figure it out as it is annoying to have things moving in frame automatically.


Friday, December 25, 2015

The Vertical Landing is a Huge Feat because

On December 22, 2015, spaceX made history by successfully put the payload into orbit, and returned the first stage safely back to earth and landed upright.

The vertical landing is in response to the challenge in flying reusable Falcon 9 Rocket:
The Falcon 9 is already the lowest-cost rocket on the commercial market today. It is able to launch 5 million grams (4,850 kg) of payload to supersynchronous transfer orbit at roughly $60 million per launch, better than the Chinese Long March 3B at $70 million. The cost will be further lowered if they could reuse it as they've said the first stage is roughly 70% of the cost and just refueling the rocket costs about 0.3% of a full launch. Therefore, the potential to lower the cost is huge if they could pull off the vertical landing! That's why!!

The vertical landing made such a great splash that they shadowed the successful launch of 11 satellites into the orbit. People also forgot that it was the secondary target. The first being the successful launch. It is amusing to see this "been there, done that" kind of attitude. The primary target is already so risky, but since it has been achieved in the past, people are more interested in the secondary target. :)
 Here is the full video, enjoy!


Monday, December 7, 2015

You can give a robot a paintbrush, but can it create art?

I believe art is unique to conscious minds. So, the short answer is NO!

But, think about it, sometimes the art is also what you make out of it. I look into my son's scabble, and see some nice shapes in it. He did not create those shapes intentionally, but still, they resemble some weird abstract reflection of things that I could never draw intentionally. Some of the times, the guided line drawings lead to more failures than the free hand flow of an "un-artist". Can we define them as art? Probably, NO? Its open to interpretations.

Well, try this test at buzzfeed:
Did you pass with more than 60% success rate?

Now, if a robot is given a paintbrush and allowed to paint; Can you expect an art to come out of it?
Well, how about we put two modern arts sideways and lie to you that both came from one of the  upcoming/super talented artist?

Well, studies have suggested that you could tell the difference...

So, the answer still seems to be a NO!
Give it some time, may be the statement will change to affirmation in the future.