Monday, October 19, 2015

Google Fi is here #phone

Couple of years ago I was ranting about how the technology may move in the direction of eliminating the syndicate of the phone companies... (an example here: One example was how the companies were trying to prevent the voip and force expensive STD/ISTD to the customers.
The main idea was that:
" the phone will be dead in coming few years as we will all have the (tax-paid) wifi on the cities and villages with people carrying small PDAs..."

Well, I think the future is here! Any who else better than Google to do it?
Its a phone, on network and wifi. A seamless experience for the future.
One question I have is how long will the phone last with the wifi?

Just hope that Alphabet does not have a spring kill switch on it... as I think it is a neat idea!


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Add the Theme background pics on windows 8

The windows theme package come nice and handy. But seemed that it could not be changed. Knowing that .doc is just a pseudo zip (Thanks pro-tip!), I tried changing the .theme package to dot-zip. But it could not be read.

Finally found the solution: It seems windows8 has a folder location that you can update so that you can have additional panaromic pictures under the same theme.



Monday, August 17, 2015

Project Sunroof from Google/Alphabet

Here is a neat idea from Google, or shall I start calling it Alphabet INC.

Computing the solar efficiency of your roof. Pretty good idea!
Introduction of Project Sunroof.

The details from the map are great! For example, I just looked up this area (on the map), and the sunroof map appeared convincing. At the moment it is available for only few cities (Boston, SF and Fresno), but will be available to your city soon!

It would be nice to crowdsource the algorithm to generate the map for all the other cities.