Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beyond AVATAR movie and AVATAR the game

The Game based on AVATAR may become bigger than the Grand Theft Auto. There is the whole planet to wonder and discover.
Ah ha!
To fight with the heavily loaded villain in AMP (Amplified Mobility Platform) suit with the help of bow and arrows at the hardest level will be full of fun. Not less than some training the hero has to go through to get in control of the situation. The fact that the hero character is subdued by villain at some point can make it challenging.

What is potential for the market after screening of AVATAR besides having the game?

Yes, you guessed right!
I am thinking about sequel of AVATAR. What next?
Take a side:

Supposing yourself as the defeated characters, (that means you were thrown out by the blue monkeys on the first part of the movie), shall you strike back?
Supposing yourself as one of the Na'vi, (that means you expelled first wave of invaders), shall you plan for the defense? who knows, human beings never give up!

Can you imagine what can happen next? after the hero opens the eye to the new world saying good bye to the world where he could not move his own body parts?

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