Friday, December 14, 2007

Black and white: Two colors of the Winter

Remember the colors of the fall?

They were wonderful. I had posted some pictures in this blog.

We are having nice and heavy snow fall. It poured the whole day and is still going on, already past the midnight. I am amazed with the weather guys who can predict everything very accurately.

They had predicted 6 to 10 inches of snow. True!

Now we have snow.

Snow Snow everywhere.

The leaves have already fallen from every branch of the trees except the pine ones. So we have the whole lot of naked trees. Their stems stand. To suffer the winter. The sun is invisible in the day but light is scattered enough that it is white everywhere. Snow white: Even in the evening. The black stripes of the trees make the whole scene a nice black and white combination.

When I visited the art exhibition in Troy last month, the Japanese artist had painted the four seasons. I did not agree with her on that day, but now I see what she meant. I love snow. But, to love the theme of the picture, you should really hate the winter. Black and white!

We will be having -16 degree Celsius in coming Tuesday. The weatherman says so. It is just the beginning of the Winter.

Enjoy the snow.


  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have snow infront your house. You don't need to go anywhere for skating or sking.
    In Corvallis, we rarely get snow. This year meteorologists have predicted that we are gonna get snow. And the lowest temperature in record.

    Thats why I am leaving Corvallis for warm place this winter.


    Enjoy your winter.

    Post more snow pics............

  2. Basant,
    Its here!

  3. Why friends. Don’t get angry in this small thing.

  4. Would you mind if I used your snow-covered tree photo in thumbnail form for my winter Facebook profile ID? I change photos every season - possibly making a mid-winter change after Chinese New Year.

  5. Appreciate it.
    Check out your tree and me on Facebook then! (^.^)

  6. Sylvia, what is ur id on facebook?


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