Thursday, February 25, 2010

Google bazziya

Google blinked?
My first impression of Google Buzz was already negative. Before I had barely started, I already had couple dozen people following me.  You know... cost/demand analysis. They made Google wave overly hyped and no one got it in the beginning. So, the demand went all over the place including Ebay. Later, not many used it.  Now not many people wants buzz. Why? Simple!!! many people felt that It was pushed to their inbox.
So, usual remark was that Buzz... a failed wave.

I believe, had they limited it to "invitation-only" for a month, the demand would have gotten high.
Many remarked that having buzz inside gmail was like sleeping in a transparent bedroom. It is not, but people felt insecure.  I believe, the same person who was die-hard seeker of Google wave had been turned off by that time. Tuning and tweaking the buzz came later.

Google, you came late this time!
People who had access to social networking site had already been engaged. Clinging is easy. Many people also felt lack of innovation in there... What was buzz all about? Google + twitter? Google + facebook?
Call it Gootter? Gwitter? twiggle? GoogleFace? or FaceGoogle?
Google, a leader in many respect, blinked and came late into this social play ground.

I tried it, before the end of 24th hour the network grew to more than my regular contacts.  I believe I am already connected to the people I wanted to connect. New connections are OK, However, to me it was just one more way to distraction. No! I already have enough distractions :)

Off the Buzz... not!
In anyways, I decided to go off the buzz.
I thought I had disabled Google Buzz... By writing last "Bye Bye" and disconnecting it.
But it was not!!!
Later, a friend in told me that I was still updating my status in Google buzz (But I was not, really). I looked into my public profile and found that was the case. This was because of the fact that it had pulled out stuffs from my twitter and connected sites.
It was like my ghost account. I am out of buzz... not!!!
Finally, after deleting all the updates (oh... they call it buzz) and disconnecting all the sites...
I am off the buzz.

Connecting Back will be easy... unless they close the back door
On the bright side... if I want to connect again, it will be quick. It will be like jumping at the middle of the party.


  1. So you wanna be far away from maddening society! Or you want not to learn all the technicalities of different many networking sites!
    Do I guess that you are more aware about the losing your personal information through many networking sites? No, I don't do that at this moment.
    Why you feel uncomfortable to be silent but still present in as many social networks as possible. In upcoming world , I guess, the internet is only available society for anyone.
    So, I will not close my facebook, myspace, twotter, Buzz , ..............


  2. Freeman G,
    Thanks for the note. I would not recommend anyone to not join it.

    I believe my point was addition of distraction by Google buzziya into inbox.

  3. Lol, sarcasm detailed- It's just another networking site again with both sides of the coin- but I do admit and agree that I already have enough distractions...And yes, Buzz has nothing new, but just a blend of facebook and twitter loaded into our gmail accounts.

  4. I totally agree with you, when you say:

    "buzz inside gmail was like sleeping in a transparent bedroom"

    Beside that, I also do think that it came late and users are habitual with other similar or better sources.

    Google--Better luck next time !

  5. @tanjali: One of my friend liked the name... gwitter (gootter).

    @ Dilip G: Seems Google has some more jobs... RWW says...

    Google Blinked in real time search too!
    Ohh dear Google!


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