Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nepali People: The life of the Nepalese in Qatar

Welcome to the real world.

With 266,000 people, and 100,000 more to come in 2008, the Nepalese in Qatar are about to become the first foreign community in this tiny Gulf country. They are also the first concentration of Nepalese outside Nepal and India. As soon as one steps off the plane from Kathmandu at Doha airport, one is struck by a certain kind of familiarity with the airport staff. The visitor to Qatar wonders at the number of young men speaking khas kura or wearing “Nepal” branded caps. In the streets of Doha, in shops, in shopping malls, in offices, in restaurants, on building sites, the Nepalese toil to earn their living and help their family at home...

Unskilled workers are usually put up in labour camps that is buildings rented by their company. The biggest concentration of labour camps is the Industrial Area, near Doha. Hundreds of thousands of men live there in camps where living conditions largely depend on the care the company takes of its workers. Some camps are well maintained, and even provide table tennis and snooker facilities. But the majority of them are overcrowded (up to 16 men to a room with three tiered bunk-beds), sometimes dirty and not suitable for men spending years abroad...

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There is a strong need of very efficient contact office of Nepal Government in Gulf region.


  1. I am also non reliable Nepali. I mean to say born n study in Delhi. But I have happy time in my life while living there. No bodies say any bad for me. It’s no good whatever I m going to say but I m happy there. Here in office, shop and road many people used Dhoti words for me. I mean if any unknown persons say this to me its ok but if any co-worker says this very painful. I mean in others country they give me love but in my own place they just****.

  2. thanks for sharing info of Gulf region.

    happy new year
    Sending your way the best wishes that,
    this new year adds sunshine to your life,
    brings new hopes and new joy,
    fills your life with the warmth of love,
    and bring success in every thing you do........
    Have a great year ahead!!

    नव वर्ष २०६५ को शुभ उपलक्ष्यमा हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभ-कामना !!

  3. Thanks dai for you’re sweet suggestion.

  4. Dipa is quite right. In other's place you may get respect but in your own place you get downed seeing you in a different angle and view...


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