Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blogger: Schedule Your Post

Heard of recent time machine hype of google on April First?

Now you can do it!

At least in the case of Blog// and it is in the direction of future; not in reverse.

I came across the article on Blogger Buzz saying that we can schedule the post(Blogger Buzz: Blog List, Scheduled Post Publishing on Blogger in draft). Not bad. But there are already too many things to be worked with Blogspot.

Make useful NavBar:
The most stupid thing is the "Next Blog" link in there. It takes to some random blog, not impressive.
GOOGLE are you listening?
No one wants to use the nav-bar of blogspot because it is just a useless tool floating up there.
I removed it because it is there just to occupy the space.
It should be used to make some useful use of nav bar in blogspot.

Here are some ideas to get inspirations:
1: Delicious
2: Stumble upon
3: Digg
4: sitehoppin

The navigation should be based upon the category shuffled randomly or on user's choice.


  1. hey not only schedule your blog post for future but also now you will be able to send email through gmail in past date. Like if you forgot to email your friend wishing B'day then you can send email to your friend after his b'day but making it look like you wished him in the day when his b'day was... :) enjoy the fun of gmail.

  2. I understand your irritation over the Navbar. How did you remove it, though? Is the code for Navbar in the template?

    NathanKP - Inkweaver Review - Book Reviews and Cover Art

  3. To remove the nav-bar:

    Try this !

  4. hmm nice idea first i also removed that bar by using CSS script but right now i needed it to put search bar in my blog. I am planing to hide it again and encode my own blog search. you can visit my blog

  5. Previously i removed it but i needed it lately. i am planning to encode my own blog search bar. visit my blog


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