Thursday, April 10, 2008

CA Election in Nepal

Constituent Assembly Election for the first time in the history of Nepal.
People outside Kathmandu can not still believe that it is going to happen. The "trust" and mutual beliefs are way down.

Sometimes I think our generation is lucky (or doomed) that we have seen the most steepest part of transformation of the country.
Other parts of the world have passed this phase (may be) some hundred years ago.
I have seen Three kings, every kind of mass movements and up and down in Nepal. This window of time has engulfed everything which can be possibly put into formula. However, there are still many things yet to happen. We can not rule out any future possibilities and power play.

Will Nepali people be able to cast their future through this Election?

For some insights into Nepali politics, the following blog is also useful
(The writer may have some prejudice, towards some power center; eventually gives a big picture.)

There are news everywhere. Kantipur is also providing some :

About Nepal:

Some pictures taken by me in Kathmandu.

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