Tuesday, December 4, 2007

iAdvisor : A fiction.

Today, finally, I got something working of my brain Child. "iAdvisor!"
This is really a fantastic idea.
I can not write to explain my happiness. "iAdvisor" understands it. When I went back to my room to find my wife sleeping, without getting full consciousness, she understood it: without a word being spoken. She said "Wow! u got it?". I had got no chance to say anything to her. See, still amazed by these patterns of feelings which, upto today, only the humans could understand the other. Actually, it was her inspiration, which induced me to design and think of such algorithm and a device.
Well, "iAdvisor" is something like your wife, your partner, your deep friend, from which you have nothing to hide, nothing to keep secret. Let it observe everything. The more you get it involved, the best results you would get. It is something between "I" and "You": something deep between the first person and the third person. The best part is it never intervenes the situation, just transmits you the suggestions. It, not only takes the situation, but can also extrapolate and produce the possible results and suggest you, advise you. The longer you stay with my device, better results you will be getting. Yep, your freedom to decide is still preserved. Just a friend to remind you and be with you, just in case.
"iAdvisor" is a device which can recognize your basic moods. It can take the situation, analyze it and give you the structure of possible outcomes. If I had been taking tea in the morning, and I think of coffee, it can say "Nice change, This coffee is best/suitable for you!" and take my word, it will suggest you the correct flavor. You will really enjoy it. I mean, given that it has the record of all your drinking habits, you had been taking, it can create a nice implication lattice of all the possible flavors. And with all the associated factors, it can suggest a suitable outcome. It means it really knows you. Mind the word: suggest, not only the presentation of the possible results. Isn't that amazing?
That is only example, think of its possibilities, with the super cluster computing, it can find the best dinner for you tonight. Suggest nice lines to read, can aid nice references for you (still under development). It is not just a reminder machine, it is something like your wife reminding you to get something form the market, a friend who suggests a best way to get the things done (I have managed not to involve it to do some mechanical works, up to now; it poses some serious problems).

This Saturday (23rd Dec. 2055), I will be organizing a nice public demo of my "iAdvisor". You are heartly welcomed @5:15GMT: the third Dome, Fifth Ave. aueweg Stripe, The Moonland.
For my blog Readers on Earth, Please make sure that you do not miss my live telecast on the same day @5:15GMT.

(I know this is too much: would you mind leaving a comment, Please!)

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  1. I don't understand what you are talking about. Actually what is this? Your way of thinkin. Your imagination for a device(?)or feeling which can tell you/advice you or you can talk everything without hiding.

    Describe in detail dude!

    Great scientists start with such imaginations.

    keep writing

    Enjoyed with defferent flavor.

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  3. but that group is not so active.
    And BLOGAN is no longer.here.....
    Some are putting it as bannner just to show a member.But it is not....... BLOGAN is not exist now...... It is completely inactive..

  4. Because of Some the top Nepali bloggers BLOGAN has becom dhismis... So no need to update that group........ but now some are taking about grand e-meet of nepali blogger......

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