Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bus Diaries

Its a Friday.
The students are gathered to go to downtown. To drink. The bus stop is already full with students. They are already excited.
The bus has arrived. I don't know whether it was late or I was impatience. May be Relativity at work!
I have to go to downtown. I live near it. They have to go to downtown. There are bars and clubs.After being fully loaded, the bus moves. I am lucky that I got a seat. I am tired. I can not be the hanging monkey at this time.

They are talking loud. One of their friend is sitting on the other side of the bus and I am trapped in between!

I am tired. I just want to sit and close my eyes.
I want to take a deep breath and relax. I want to go to my room.

Its little chill tonight.
My poor laptop is inside my back pack and is sitting on my lap. I can sense that it is still hot.

I can see that one of my friend is also in the same bus. I had seen her before entering the bus. She was smoking and talking on the phone. We have seen each other for last 14 months, only in the bus. Sometime more frequent and sometime less frequent. We are bus friends. We talk. "How are you?" "Good" ; "The weather is good today": "Yes, I know". Thats all! i know her mood: she wants to talk tonight, either on phone or with her bus friend. She is in mood to talk. I can not ignore her. After she is done with her phone, we do exchange smile.
With the pull of the string, I realize that its her stop. She lives three block up than my apartment. Do you want to walk?
She wants me to walk with her. But, why should I walk three blocks?
I nod.
She walks away.
I watch her get out of the bus and cross the zebra stripes.

The bus moves. I close my eyes. Pretending that I am relaxing.
I can not keep my eyes closed because my stop has arrived. I don't have energy to pull the stop chord of the bus. I wish somebody would pull it down. Nobody! I need to do it by myself!
I think, one day we will have a small chips on our thumbnail and we will be able to command the bus operator to stop it; just by thinking that I want to stop right here!
Tomorrow, I have to go to a friend's birth day party. Its a dish party, I have to cook something this evening. I am a bad cook!

(This is supposed to be the second part of my previous one: Talk to me! and is still messy.)

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