Saturday, December 1, 2007

Revision II : Laws of Physics

I had written something here:
What we say as "rule" was discovered by humankind in due course of time. Due to its capacity to observe.
We speak of "fundamental rules" but what do we really mean by that?
It is based upon our inference, which ultimately is based upon the observation. For a blind people darkness is law! for a deaf, symbol works. So, it depends upon our capacity to observe and make inference. Are we capable to formulate laws that govern the universe?
Yes!/ No!
We are capable to formulate some "rules" on the basis of our understanding capabilities. The sources of knowledge are being pushed. And our understanding improves so does the power of inference.
Take an example, in Hindu Philosophy, The rain was caused by Indra Dev. But do we still think that way?
We were happy with five elements: Earth, Fire, Sky, water , air
We now have more. Does this make life easier?
However, what we said law was actually our rules of inference. Rules so that we can understand the situation and make ourselves more comfortable.
There are no "rules" if you can see the world! Rules are just like your pieces of specs you need to see it clearly.

The only thing that survives is the Order.
Well, let's think about it!
Oh god! what am I writing? (<<-- JOKE!)
(Needs more refinements, may be your comments would help!)

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