Saturday, December 8, 2007

A New Job Offer!

There is nothing to get excited!

One of my room mate has moved. Since he stayed there for three years or so, he has/had been best targeted by all kind of spammers. Moreover, his name is not native so Snail-Mail-spammers sent him all kinds of beauty magazines, household ads, kids stuffs, new models of under wears and what not! Clearly, he has been modelled as a lady by the spammers.
Some interesting mails include checks of 15 Dollars. Not for free, they have hidden agreements/deals that by cashing the check he agrees to pay 150 dollars for enrollment in bla bla bla.
I would just throw it,
But he needs it!
He says "you still do not know the joy of tearing apart the spams and deleting the spam messages from your inbox".
So, I am offered a job to carry his spams and put it in his mail box. This is not hard work as we work in the same Department. But I am wondering, is it really the case as he said?

Sorry for exciting title and boring article. I thought it was worth blogging!


  1. oh may i know where is my link in you're blog???

  2. I hope you like the different. And yeah by the way nice post. But why you hack his id??

  3. prachar prasar ta byabak 6 ni
    sajha tira pani dekhya the

    la la time nai prachar prasar ko 6
    "bolne ko pitho bikne, nabolne ko chamal pani nabikne" nepali ukhan nai ho ni

  4. http://aakarpost.blogspot.comDecember 13, 2007 at 6:39 AM

    Oh !
    What a article...


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