Saturday, November 17, 2007

Black Friday Shopping!!!

Everyone seems to be excited. One more reason to spent money. (on the background I am reading the news:
What is your plan?
I ... I don't know, may be pendrive, may be an external HDD! I do have three already.
One was from Nepal 256 MB (don't laugh, it was from the day when it was about 1800 Nrs.), another gift by Mathworks: 256 MB (it is a gift man, never mind!), and one was bought from online deal at about 11 Dollar.

I already have a nice camera and a laptop. Anything more than that is much luxurious for me.

Do you have any plan for this Black Friday?


  1. hey dude
    I am planning to buy a camcorder. If you find good deals, plz let me know.

  2. this very good information let go to vacation and shopping :D


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