Friday, October 19, 2007

Laws of Nature?

It all started with the assumption that we are weaker. Actually we are. In many cases, we loose the moments. Not everything is under our control. But what keeps us alive is the fact that we do not give up! It is natural. If it is natural, and supposedly conducted by someone more powerful than us. We call him the super human or, may be , god (?)
So, we started searching for him. Oh my god! he is so so powerful that despite our so much effort, he can remain hidden.
We looked for him everywhere. Where have we not looked for him?
It remains to be the most searched substance in this universe. He can not, thus be made up of matter like we are made up of. Hmm ... , that makes sense. He governs all the "laws" which no one can defy. Even not Mother earth, sun moon, and galaxies. But we are little naughty. We want to read his mind. We want to know why he created us and why is he playing with so many stuffs around us. We also want to question him whether he wanted some intelligent beings like us who can ultimately ask questions to him.
With all these questions in mind, We started studying Nature. We started exploring it. And (unfortunately?) we called it Physics!
Now we are half concious from a dark and deep state of knowledge and have started asking whether or not our starting point was wrong!
May be the laws of Physics are not the ultimate laws nature! We derived all the laws on the basis of our observations and our inferences. So, the laws of Physics are actually laws of inference.
And the laws can be different!
Laws of Nature is something different!
In this respect we the physicists are most agnostic people on earth. We are honest. We are the one who can speak truth (truth?). We are proud to be Physicists.
God Bless us!

Highly inspired by the talk of Prof. Caticha (
Prof. Knuth's Online Cortex:

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