Sunday, December 23, 2007

From the NewYork City

Yesterday, along with my friends I came down to NYcity.
Phil took the suburb root 9 for some nice time which passes through the house of President Roosevelt. The speed-way just is for rushing people. If you want to see the real America, go through some sub-urb. We are not in hurry as we just finished the rush hours of the semester.
Another friend, Sunote, Sang and played the Guitar in the Car.
It was like listening the live concert. I need to learn some.
I sang "jati maya laye pani". Sunote got the tune so fast that I was really impressed. The music has no local language. It is Universal. Somehow, they liked my singing. They had no choice, LOL.
We finally arrived in the city.
I love this city: The city which never sleeps.
We are three friends down here from Upstate. Even in the 2 AM I could see people in the chocolate shops drinking hot chocolates.
As I was walking, I could hear some Nepali voices in the city. I dared to ask for pics. They were equally glad to see another Nepali guy in the City. We are Everywhere!
We walked all across the Wall street, City Hall to Chinatown, little Italy, Greenwich Village, East Village, Brooklyn Bridge, Union Square ...
Really walked across all the way downtown to mid-town. For at least 11 hrs on the street.

There are two exciting things coming up:
The next post will be from the most beautiful place on Earth.
I will soon be posting the 100th post.
Wow already excited !!!
@ Apple Store , Downtown Manhattan, NY City: My blog in 30 inch Screen.


  1. hey Nabin write something about good places to visit there. I am also planning to visit the REAL AMERICA in near future. Is that your journey to the country of Mount Everest?

  2. oh so you are not in nepal hhuummmm.

  3. Wow ! nice......
    तिस इन्चको मनिटर मा त बब्बाल मजा आयो होला हैन त ? and you are in vacation???? नेपाल मा हुँदा अर्को ले देख्ला कि भनेर तर्केर हिँड्ने, अनि बाहिर चाँहि अति गर्ने, क्या गजब छ , नेपाली काईदा ।।।।। खास मा भन्ने हो भने नेपालि काईदा को बारे मा आर्टिकल लेख्यो भने बबाल हिट होला जस्तो छ ।
    Anyway enjoy there!!!

  4. I hope you heard this song. Man Ta Mero Nepali Ho. And its news for me at list you like my any article. Well I am nepali but Hindi is my + point.


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