Saturday, September 29, 2007

Waiting is really hard!

I am just like a hunter in a big jungle.
I have been waiting if any friend would come online. Today, I  want to talk with friends. I have been awake for a while. I am thinking "Heck!, the friends are online only when I have to rush to class and/or when I am middle of doing something"
Meanwhile I am reviewing all the emails of past few days sent to me, some them were not replied because there was nothing to write! The question was " What to write in Email?" I just wrote "I am fine here, how are you? and also added some general conversation according to the subject line."
I have been waiting to any friend that would come online I want to hunt them. I want to ask how is Nepal and want to ask how are the other friends doing, are they preparing for the GRE? how are they enjoying the weekends? Why there are too many unfortunate killings going on in Nepal ... I can see one or two online on my messenger, but they are idle. They are either sleeping on the key board or they have left the computer without signing out. I have "buzzed" them they will respond later, when they come back or get awake " ... sorry I was ..."
I  am waiting and becoming more and more impatient, meanwhile five spams have been counted on my Email.

I have finished reading the news and weekly magazines (I read it pretty fast).
The waiting time is relative, looks like an hour for a minute and is really terrible.
I can not wait anymore, I am going back to work.
Friend, I trust that you came online today.
Just think that we both were present online, but the time was not synchronized.
Some day I will schedule it!
See You soon!


  1. hey! Nabin, why don't you find me in your jungle. I am also in the same jungle desperately waiting for anyone. In other way I say I open my online shop wait some customer to come so that I can sell some words and earn some thing.

    You don't find me means you are choosy hunter. Do you only hunt bear or coager or only dear?

    Normally I don't discriminate my customers on the basis of sex, nationality, color. So any body who see my shop can come.

    You are heartily welcome to my shop.

  2. Basanta,
    Thanks for the comments.
    Your blog is:
    and I have a RSS feeder from your blog.
    I am wondering what does "earn" and "customers" imply!


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