Friday, July 20, 2007

What should we write in Email?

When I went to Kathmandu, a 6 hours bus-drive from Hetauda, for education, the comment used to be: "Hey! no (Snail) mail?".
My question was why? If I can talk to you (family) by paying 5Rs. per minute on STD Phone, Why should I worry about mailing?
I did not (still do not) know the impact factor of such an object called mail: visible, touchable and as somebody thought "more rich in expression".
May be, I was trying to be a modernized people by killing the snail mail.

Yes of course, I would, mail my Credential to USA for applying to different universities.

Being in Foreign Country means a lot (to whom?). At least in terms of differences.
This reminds me of ancient human migration and inventions.
What makes the difference is dependent on what you bring back to your home, changed perspective on things and religions, life style or polished (or degraded) intellectual values.
Human beings migrated for different reasons: I came to learn on this topic while I was preparing my TOEFL exam.
The reason why human beings migrate now-a-days is not much different from the reason (used to be) those days.
I also remember teaching kids on social studies on reasons to migrate. If they could not vomit the point by point answer, I used to punish them in very many varieties. Perhaps, having suffered through many punishments, humans learnt to migrate (and students learnt to remember the reasons to migrate!).
The question, however, has been modified.
We can communicate, we do communicate (or so often not ).
This part of the world, where I am living, is visible and communicable; Even in some cases accessible to the equal amount to which I do enjoy here.
The world has become a small village, web has evolved into a new form: a non-detachable component of daily life.

The question is: What should we write in Email?
Will "anything" do?
May be not!!!

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