Friday, September 28, 2007

Last Week day of the month!

I am just coming to realize it that how exciting it can be when it is the last day of the month!
This morning, I was in the bank. The staffs were more than glad to wish a happy week-end and the happy last week day!
I was arranging the mail with Bikash and observed that the staff in the post office (Larry)  seemed more excited about it. He was wishing the same to everyone.
This is the evening here, and I can see the Department is empty!
There were no students at the Graduate Student Organization office to do photocopies and prints. Everyone is so so happy!
Or is it me that I am just observing these things in peculiar way?
I have opted not to go to the Apple picking and have decided to volunteer in the Breast Cancer Run in Albany.
The other week has not started yet but I can see the consequences: the homeworks and One RGSO meeting.
Actually, I came to understand why there are two days long week-ends in USA: by observations.
For me, at least, holidays never count.
They are spent doing homeworks and catching up what the whole week has been up to!
I will enjoy it.

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