Tuesday, September 25, 2007

20/20 is the future of the Cricket.

As I strongly believe in the time evolution of taste, I think it was a wise decision to organize the 20/20 cricket. The most important factor is the time.
As there are always bad and good associated with everything, the bad part is that Bowlers are doomed! and the batmans are no longer defensive. Both of them will "just swing it"!
Test cricket was the one who gave enough time to learn and to do some experiments without fears of getting out of water before one dies. One day cricket had tried to power up the boring middle wickets but I think 20/20 is the best. Just get it. I am pretty sure that we are not going for some day in which we just flip the coin and announce the winner because no body had time to play! If it is a head, A team wins and if it is a tail B team wins. No no, If we take the new game as a new taste and if it tastes better, it is the future. So far, I liked it!
I liked the review:


  1. 20-20 could be made exciting and more challenging if only 6-7 batsman are allowed to play. So, after fall of 6 wickets, game over for one team.

    This way, batsman won't simply swing blindly and there would be more technique.. In addition, game would be more exciting because then teams can recruit 6 great batsman and 4 good bowlers.

  2. Agree!

    It will (also) eventually evolve soon!


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