Monday, September 24, 2007

Prashant Tamang is the Indian Idol 2007!

  • There are many people who are struggling aboard.
  • Prashant Tamang wins the title of Indian Idol 2007.
  • Nepali celebrate!
How are these facts correlated? How come Prashant got that much response?  
For Indian people, he was simply an Indian. Simple, fair and honest constable. Serving their nation.
For people in home, he was some one who was at "war" and the people back in home could simply support him by voting. They supported to full extent.
For people aboard, he was one of them but with some chance to identify the Nepali Dhaka topi . An icon. Support is only what they can do, they did it.
They sent money back to home to vote.
There are many Nepali aboard, searching for some kinda identity and they may have thought that he is the best icon who can depict the struggle.
That is not only reason which justifies it. We the Nepali people still have some emotional feelings for Darzelling and sikkim. Many people have served in India for their living sometimes exchanged their duties and responsibilities with life. And many people take such struggle as the war of dignity. I think that's why he got that much support. 
Nationality never matters!
In Sajhadotcom forum I could see too many threads which simply supported him and ultimately some of them poured hate words to India. I don't know why some people take as granted that "Loving Nepal is well demonstated by hating India". Well, it is not the case. If you hate your neighbours you live in Jungle!. There may have been some bitings and since relative biting from south is more than that from north, people may have generalized it to that level of hate. The solution is not hate.
What impressed me was the level of friendship the two contestants have shown in the fair competition. Amit and Prashant had been together since the beginning till its very end.

Congrats to Sony Intertainment for being able to get 7 karod people to vote!

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