Monday, August 16, 2010

Free for all @ Airport

I am sharing some interesting memory from during my last visit to Nepal.
I was coming out of the airport  with a friend and found that two unknown people had come to receive me inside the luggage claim compartment. They behaved very friendly and wanted to carry our stuff. Ohh how nice of them! Well, I just had a suit case and thanked them. Thanks but no thanks!
Nope, they were determined to help us. Well, after few pull, I said, "well, I donot have any money. So, do not expect anything that you will be getting". They were fine with that. That made it more interesting. I had not seen anyone who could carry my luggage for free!
We kept on insisting that the luggage were light and we could do it ourselves by pushing the cart. They behaved as if they were siblings separated at birth. Out of irritation, I said, OK! But warned them that I really do not have spare money to give them as my brother was coming to pick me up. The reply was how is that possible that a person coming from aboard does not have some dollar money. That was interesting question to myself because I had been using plastic money all over!!!

I looked into my purse and they also grabbed the opportunity to have a peek into it. Incidently, they saw $20 greenery! "That should be enough", they said, "well, that will do".

PS: as my post was backlogged, Basant G also published his feelings. I thought it is time for this guy to come out. Basant G's post explains what happens after you come out. I will also share my experience in another post.
Airport: Free for all!


  1. It happens to everyone, I guess. Wheather you are going out of the country or coming back to the country. I never allow them to help me. It has developed as a culture and I think it is a part of our poverty and unemplyment.

  2. I also have several similar experiences. 2 years back I have seen a person (probably a airport staff) asking for some 'tea money' for helping few persons to fill their departure card :(

    It's Daal-Bhaat there

  3. I also have several similar experiences. 1 month back . k bhanne khia. international,local airport sabai ma loot!

  4. I guess, all the people going via TIA have some weird stories.


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