Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Story from Airport

AirportAfter reading my airport story, an offline friend told me his friend's story. BTW this is international one.

Raggy and Saggy met on the airport and became friend as they were seated next to each other in long inter-continental flight. They were surprised to find that they actually lived very nearby. It was nice and smooth flight; especially comforting to find someone from your place.

As they were coming out of the airport,  two people came, welcomed and greeted them, shook hands and took their luggages. Thinking that they must be the friends of the other, both of them allowed their luggages to be picked up.
The guys then took the luggages into a car and were ready to go. At the moment they both appreciated each other for calling  nice friends to pick up. Both said, "well I thought they were your friends".
Then they realized that they were not the friends of neither!!!
Hilarity ensues!

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