Monday, November 10, 2008

Entrecard: Survived one year, what next?

It has been some eight month since I joined the Entrecard system. (Yes, I was deleted by mistake, once.)
My first take is : It is good for bloggers. Good in the sense that it brings the visitors. Whether they stay or fly away in 2 seconds, thats up to the blogger. For my case, my articles are pretty short (in general) and are just meant to throw stones to the silent pond. Just rambling. I am not a professional blogger and never have intended to be one. Just as a part of hobby. It has helped me to improve my writing habits and support some cause. However, I can be worried about my PR and be excited by my alexa.

Entrecard is good because it brings you new friends and there can be ways to discover new blogs in the spare time.
After surviving the first year, it is now looked with some more respect(?). Specially because it survived. Survival for one year means it survived the cold of the winter and heat of the summer. Meanwhile other system collapsed. It is holding on. I don't know how Darwin's theory of survival of fittest fits here, it looks something different. The System could simply have gone in snap or be picked up by some giants, but it is surviving! So survival may mean leap towards being the fittest.
Congratulations !!!
The question is what next?
 *&^%&*(((*&^%$#$%^& ?
My idea on pricing: which they never gave a look


  1. I really am not happy with the way Graham runs EC he should drop his ego,and let the members help out,but I enjoy all the great blogs I have came across there.

  2. I'm brand new to EC and still getting the hang of it. It certainly is addicting. I have wasted one whole day so far playing with it. I have found some really great sites, like yours, and some not so great ones. It really got me out of my little corner of the blogosphere and that is good.

  3. I am new to EC, and so far I love it. It has been a good way for me to find out about other great blogs, I would have never known otherwise.

    I can see the great potential in this system, and have posted about it. From my perspective, it is a highly recommended tool for getting known a bit in the blogosphere. Which is crucial, when you are just starting up.

    Interaction with other bloggers, and networking, are part of the fun game of running a blog.


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