Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wow! My Blog's Page Rank is down to Zero !!

Recently, I was jumping around with the boost in Alexa rank.
Today, I realized that my PR has gone down to zero!

I had been reading and hearing about the sinking page rank of various bloggers due to paid postings. Now, I am one of them. My PR was 3 as soon as I started, after a year into blogspot, now it is down to zero.

I had commented about such sinking possibilities in elsewhere in comment section. I don't know what impacts will be out there, it never matters for me as it is not my profession. It is a part of my hobby!

See my popularity index: here
The famous "How much" index gives me :

How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

Your blog,, is worth $23,146.14

Different scales out there!

I will keep posting, lets see how far does it go...


  1. मेरो पनि ४ बाट ३ मा झर्यो नि पेजर्याङ्क ।

  2. if you don't care then why you post saying that your PR is down to zero? :p


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