Monday, June 16, 2008

Idea for Entrecard pricing system

The price of sites displaying Entrecard have been made to work in different algorithms. "The base of 2". This has done some interesting job: It has been able to create a huge amount of discussions among the bloggers who use EC system. I have posted my views on it elsewhere.
There have been different kind of views and ideas on how to get more out of it. I was particularly interested in the discussion in the forum initiated by Josh.
His basic idea was having multiple ad-place on the same site as we do in the case of project wonderful. Good input!
I think instead of having multiple ads on the single site; we, the bloggers, should be able to have more control ... something like to allow advertisements for 6 hours or 12 hours (or hourly basis after saturation as shown in figure) and should also be able to control the maximum ad price ...

Someday, My price went all the way up to 1024! Well, this is a small blog and I don't want my visitor/advertiser to spent a huge EC credit to advertise in here. Because, the return value (which is about 35 clicks as reported by some) may not be so nice for their hard earned EC credit.
Instead, it would have been better if there would have been provision like if the ad prices goes up, simply reduce the time of appeareance. But (however) keep the maximum price to, say, 512/1024 EC credit or so.
That means the EC ecosystem will start to behave as the price goes up (with current formula/ may be with new improved formula, as I had suggested) and eventually saturates at value the user had decided and then goes into cycle of hours if above the cap.
Every one can have chance into "big-blogs" by this idea of having short time at some fixed rate.
For example: If I have to fix price: I will let it grow till it reaches 1024 per day maximum (which is rate at the end of first 10 days) . And then 1024 for 18 hours, 12, 10,8,6,2 and 1 hour. After that there can be option such as display on the 18th day 10 times at random; 19th day 4 times at random ... or slot pack!!! No one should be made to pay some weird 131072ec/day EC.
I know that it becomes ugly as we try to drag it down the road and coding simply kills.

Bottom line: Blog-o-sphere is not the ecosystem in which someone sits at the apex of the pyramid.
EC system gives chance to all for exposure, but-however, new system kinda forbids newbies and thus needs a revision.

What do you think?


  1. I am not sure I am following you here. Are you suggesting that the more expensive an ad is the shorter it should stay up?

    I will admit, I am interested in understanding your idea and your chart at the top.

  2. @Beau71 :
    My idea is that it is not good for the price to go into sky. Simply, put a limit on EC credit (say ~2K) after that have less time of display on the widget (for the consequent requests).
    The benefit of this would be for small bloggers like me (I mean for almost all, because 75% of bloggers would not be able to afford more than 2K of EC price.) who can pay reasonable limit on price and still would get chance of being displayed on "big sites".

    Yes, My idea on the chart was that after it reaches the maximum price we should be having limited time display. So, I would pay 2K(max) and will still get a chance though for short time.

    Thanks for your interest.


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