Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New.Opportunities @ Space : Part 1

I am presenting the memories from my old page about Bremen, Germany.

Originally written on Date: 7th Dec. 2003

On the month of July, there was a notice on our notice board forwarded by our head of the Department Prof. Dr. Lok Narayan Jha. It had invited applications for participation in the annual space congress organized by International Astonautical Federation (IAF) for The International Astonautical Congress "IAC 2003 space congress" to be held in Bremen, Germany [29th Sept- 3rd Oct 2003]. After consulting with my Thesis supervisor Prof. Dr. Uday Raj Khanal, I applied with reference to the notice. After the selection process, I was selected as a “representative student of T.U.”
On 11th September evening there was a call for me from the Netherlands. It gave one of the best news in my life “you have been selected.” Actually the notification had been send to me by 1st Sept but I had not checked my e-mail. So, I could not respond the mail, and thus was phoned by Dorothea Czernik. On the phone she told me many things and asked to arrange the things if I was interested. Surely I was interested.

Background of the program

The European space agency (ESA) provided the opportunity under the student participation program. The sponsorship, of non European student, was only for 6 non European student from developing countries. There were altogether 5 who could participate under this program. Among them one each was from Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt and two from Nepal including me and my colleague Mr. Nabin Paudel.

After I could manage all the paper/official works, I departed to Bremen via Doha and Munich. It was my first time and I cannot describe my words how was I feeling. During this phase all my relatives and friends helped and encouraged me. I am thankful to them all. Finally it took about 20/24 hours to reach Bremen.

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