Sunday, July 27, 2008

Against the new Vice President of Nepal: Mr Parmanand Jha

The political scenario in Nepal is like a drama. There are a lot of things to be seen and to be reported. If anyone wants to practice journalism, one can go there. Even script writers can find a lot of nice scenes. The reports from Nepal shows interesting activities.
People are facing the difficulties in minimum daily activities while the whole political scenario points that is is not going to get better. At least not so soon!
Everyone smells a rat that this is a campaign against the "New Nepal" envisioned by Nepali people. The leaderless and sense-less mobs have started to take out any kind of movement and take the situation in hand. These political pseudo centers of powers are used for small and short term chaos.

We still need to boil down and settle, and it will not be easy in these cases like it was in previous case (2006).
Anyways, besides the fact that people have difficulties in getting oil for fuel and other basic needs (which should have been the primary focus); Nepal is now revolving in new cases: everyday.
The latest one started when the new Vice president Mr. Parmanand Jha took the oath in Hindi. Notably he started with a word in Nepali and got into hindi. There was provision that he could have taken oath in his native tongue which is maithili. Mind that hindi is not the official language of Nepal. Why did he do so? "Because it is spoken by 200000 people of Nepal".
Well, Nepali is spoken by 2500000+ people!
So, instead of speaking for less than 8% of the people of Nepal, it would have been better if he could have taken the oath in Nepali for 100%. Because he is not meant for 8%. That clearly means that he wanted trouble. At least he gets some name thrown out here and there. (This is not best way to get the names out in market).

Finally, there are movements.

If you want to sign petition against him:


This is how the balls keep rolling in Nepal.
Nepal: A different political dynamics than the rest of the world!


  1. Nice one I liked this writing

  2. Jha certainly wanted trouble.

    By the way, I have added you in my friends list. Would you please add me too?

  3. good one, and thanks for having the link for petition. Jha (AH) should be kicked out from his post rather than his clarification and apology to Nepali people. And leadership should not be in the hand of people like Jha (AH).

  4. Being from the Terai/Madhes myself, i've noticed that the people there start adopting Hindi as they climb up the social ladder.


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