Friday, July 25, 2008

Monarchy Online: QueenRania on You tube

We have witnessed the recent fall down of the last Hindu king of the world from Nepal.
King Gyanendra will be named as the last king of the Shaha dynasty in Nepal. The geo-political situation of Nepal has emerged into a new situation which no one could have speculated before.
His only one comment was that he could not defend himself against all kind of "hate campaign" going around and was being spread around against him (as he said after being dismissed on his public adress as a Nepali citizen). He could not defend himself(?) ; was that the major reason for the whole empire to fall down?

Meanwhile, I stumbled across the news of another monarchy: Jordan's Queen Rania

She has come up with a great challenge in front of her: "break it down!!!"
It is more than "was against terror" because terrorists have no religion.
Look at this video: strong and amazing!!!
Her channel is located at:

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