Monday, July 28, 2008

Cuil: Another Google?

Read it as "cool", has been founded by the people who worked on Google. is a new search engine in the market.
The big question ahead is will it really survive?

I liked the philosophy...
"Cuil analyzes the Web, not its users".

Unlike Google, Cuil's privacy policy states that it does not store records of users’ search activity or IP addresses[wikipedia].

Well, we already have many search engines out there, but none had stood as rival to Giant Google. As a new kid on the block, everyone will be interested on it's behaviors.

They have tried to convince people in new ways. "We not only present the results on the basis of popularity index but also try to analyze the links that may be useful to you."

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  1. Have you checked yet? Another new search engine worth checking out.


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