Sunday, February 3, 2008

Kathmandu Durbar Square: Odd Angles

I was like a tourist in the Kathmandu Durbar Square. With My camera.
I have been always fascinated by these places. I used to go and stay there and spent hours watching the beauty of the place, whenever I felt that I was under pressure. I wish I could take more pictures and I wish the day could have been a better one in terms of clearer sky and nice light.
What made me upset, like always, was the fact that the place could have been more cleaner. The small kids begging, the standing sellers chasing the tourists and the urination in some of the places. I was really angry to find that they had failed to keep it clean. I think there should be a standby team to keep it clean because tourists have paid the money to see it and that is one of the source of income. They did not pay to see the human dump. We should think on What kind of image we want to impart to them.

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  1. It is possible if only the every individual is educated and surely depends on government policy and law. Unless we have job opportunity and distributed work all over the country, I think it is always going to be only pollution in central capital due to huge population while rest of the country will still be polluted and underdeveloped coz lack of government reach and no opportunity for job, education and other resources.
    To make our country more beautiful, (as naturally is already heaven), and kathmandu a real clean and world heritage center, only importing clean exhaust vehicle is not enough government should think and implement plan to distribute the population all over the country.


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