Saturday, February 2, 2008

Back to USA

Only three posts in the month of Jan? How is that possible? My traffic dropped by 50% because of my irregularity, on whatever reason.
I tried to compose something to my blog from Hetauda, Makwanpur. Kathmandu was already bad. The blogger account would not open. So, I procrastinated. The power to procrastinate is what I have been learning in recent years. The only thing I can not/ would not be able to procrastinate would be my death. But that is long time to come. I have survived the month in my country. Actually I feel that I have been there to take a new life. Survival is not a problem in Nepal. People can just die for any reason. Accidental deaths are unlucky, if that is not caused by "politically influenced terrorism". It is just a matter of random sampling, and whether you are taken at random. At least 12 people were killed in Nepal in last one month. Peoples have forgotten to keep an account of "khudra" (-> not gross) deaths.

I am not frustrated with Nepal, I have a feeling that it will go through worse situation than present and then a day will come. A day will come when everything will be alright: better. I, still, am thinking whether my country needs a Hitler to hit the bed-rock.
What do my country Nepal need?
? A plan
? A visionary Leader
? Peace
? System
? Awareness
? Stability
? ??
Something has gone really bad, and no one is ready to think what is that.

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  1. What your country needs?
    1. Political stability
    2. A plan
    3. Peace
    4. System
    5. Stability
    6. Awareness
    7. Above things are not possible without great "visionary Leader"


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