Monday, February 4, 2008

Jet Lag: Confused Body ticks

Jet Lag: Confused Body ticks

It is 1 AM , now, I am awake and active after a nice sleep in the yesterday evening.

My biological clock is completely tricked. It is the Jet Lag effect. I feel irresistibly sleepy in the late afternoon. And similarly irresistibly awake in the early morning. It will last for few more days to come. Until the ticks are synchronized to local time (EST GMT-5:00/ Universal Time -5). It had happed in Nepal too (GMT+5:15). I kept waking in opposite sense. The situation is worse because I have been to the two farthest points of the earth. Nearly the opposite sides of the diameter of the Earth.

I was waken up by the call from my friend. I talked to him as if it was tomorrow morning. I looked into the mobile clock to see 9 PM or so and was completely astonished to realize that I was not sleeping for the morning. I still had to eat my dinner. I later realized that yesterday I had talked to one of my friend in complete dream. I have no idea on what did I talk.

I think, I need to take rest.

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