Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The number has been changed/ Deleted!

(This one was written when I was in Nepal. The situation was that I was there and was calling my friends. They would not recognize me because they had deleted my number from their cell. The posting was delayed due to the problem in opening the blogger account. Hope , the subject has not lost its value over one month.)

The number has been changed/Deleted: I do exist!

"It was my stupidity to seek changes in mere 16 months. Now I know, I can not expect it for some more time. The situation is still there. On each and every subject, they are there as if they has been doomed to be like that or they do hate change.
My expectation of change was natural as we have a huge gradient of social and economic differences with the rest of the world.
But the agents of changes are incapable of making any progress.

Ya, for sure, the most striking thing that occurred to me was the fact that I could not contact many friends on the old numbers.even the mobile numbers were changed. Moreover, When I called, some of them already had deleted my number.
They would go: "Who is this?"
I would say, "Guess!"
No guess, because I have been deleted!
Well, thats kinda interesting. A proof of limitation of storage capacity. Social problem. It is the mentality. I have been out for a while, but not been diffused to another world.
And my dear friend, you deleted me?
No Email for long time was OK. But to delete me from cell is strange. Shall I call you?"

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