Sunday, December 9, 2007

A New Job Offer!

U will get the Job of a post man, as your room-mate moves out.

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  1. I did same job 4 months ago.
    Even though he was not my room mate, I had to go to his previous mailbox and check it. Then inform him how many, from where he had got mails. Filter them and finally send(post) them to his new place.

    You are doing this job now. GREAT work man! keep it up.

  2. Ha ha yeah I born and study in Delhi. But my major subject is Hindi not English. English is my one of the weak point. But I feel very proud that I learn Nepali in very short time now I am doing work as an editor in IT Company which is going to make Nepali dictionary and I am the main editor in this project. About this blog yeah I made this for ads I am very practical woman I just want to say this. And yeah because of my English sometime maybe you can feel that I am rude our something like that no its not.


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