Saturday, November 3, 2007

Missed the bus! Wow!

I missed the bus. But I got the chance to see around. I had my camera with me today. My friends wanted to take some close up pics. I love taking pics. It was 20 more minutes to wait. What could I do? The driver had seen me crossing the street and he was on the red sign. But, the light changed, and despite seeing me running like a crazy, he drove away!
But when I took the pics. I thanked the driver for going. and giving me the chance to see around.
PS: The slide show worked in ie and firefox but not in opera. Please see the pics here
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  1. Nice fall pictures. Finally you have proved that you are good photographer.

  2. Awesome fall pictures! It's amazing how nature changes its' color. A great slide!

  3. nice pictures.... that's what i believe everything happens for a good reason.


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