Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Something to write (may not make sense)

It is 2 min. to the next day.
I am online.
Trying to find something else to write.
I have found that the daylight saving time has not been considered in the internet. Because, in some of the blogs I could see the "wrong date". Wrong date because my local time is 11.58 and they have shown it as next day. It means that their server have been located somewhere else and the date generator is server side. Daylight saving offsets!
While stumbling randomly through the blog-spot blogs, I could find that there are many you-tubed blogs. The subject lines may be funny videos, and what not. I find one question in my mind: Is it OK to have you-tube videos on blogs?
What about having lyrics of favorite songs?
Does that violate the copyright laws?
Another interesting question in my mind is whether my blog is more and more cluttered with rubbish ads. Like ads. These ads are never useful to no body. Makes me to think about switching to wordpress. But, this is just the beginning. Just now I have started to get some nice and intellectual responses besides the regular visit of the net crawlers.

Thanks for the visits and comments.

I will keep posting!

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