Monday, November 19, 2007

Refreshing Music

Just Becoming more and more crazy, I was doing and redoing the homework. I wanted a break. The great source of entertainment: Online music. I have meditation music on the Opera browser and some nice sites like musicovery and pandora tabbed on the Firefox. I looked for some change. Let's try the yahoo music!
The yahoo Radio does not support the Firefox!(OR VICE VERSA)
That was the problem when I was in Nepal : At least one and half year, and still they have not paid attention to it. Hey yaHOO!
They can be played on IE, however.
I don't understand why?
I become irritated when my Picasa and Yahoo messenger opens up the IE!
What the heck?
We still have no choice?

The yahoo video, however, was supported on Firefox. It used to be that, they were also not supported but they have their own yahoo player.
It is also putting up less ads. That is better.
I am wondering now, whether it is illegal to post the lyrics of the favourite music.
Any good suggestions?

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