Sunday, October 7, 2007

Volunteer in Komen Brest Cancer Foundation Race for the cure.

I had never woke up as early as 5:10 in the morning (unless when I had to stay awake whole night to do assignments) after coming to USA. This morning, the alarms were set and I was mentally prepared to get out of my bed at 5. I was going for volunteering! I had to walk all the way to the Empire State Building, Downtown, Albany.  Because buses do not run that early on saturdays; I walked. It took me nearly 45 minutes: Nearly 2 miles.
I was thinking that I was among the few volunteers, but was amazed to see many many volunteers. Wow! All active and working. I helped a little bit. Katey has been doing such a great job to manage the job for all the volunteers. It was about 11 when I returned to my apartment.
Volunteering is nice, it gives me some kinda satisfaction. One of them asked me why I was there, because other two guys were the son of the Brest cancer survivors. I was there just inspired by their works and after listening the local FM.
I know, If I google the key word: Brest cancer, I can find too many links.
I would like to thank the Organizers for organizing such a great program.
My videos:
My pics:
(I got only a few, I hope that I will be able to volunteer next year too.)

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