Friday, October 5, 2007

Confess and Evolve!

We all have our own standard. Our own scale. We create our own hypothesis on our own biased-ness. That's why we have friends, foe and the world is so so different! We can agree and we can disagree.
There is variety.
This evening I came across such situation. I know he was drunk but people speak when they drink. It is very strange liquid. Liquid that de-solves everything!

My friend! thank you very much for showing me my dark part. I always had that but was trying hard to hide it. If it is still visible to you, it means it is visible to others also.
how many people in the world are able to say what you see? Not many. I have been trying hard to tell such things, tried really hard.Without success. Today, I am little bit jealous to learn that you have reached above me! and you have always been above my mental level. I was pretending that I could tell the truth. Even half of the truth! But, wow! you can tell everything!
I bow in front of you.
No matter whatever i tried, but some thing is inherent. Something is basic human nature. That s/he will be living throughout the life. I have been evolving in my own time scale. and have always been thankful to such environment which made me change. People, in general don't tend to change. I had written in my diary that I am not one of the kind like dinoceros. I am not going to be extinct. I will fight to the last breath and will survive!. For now, I am fighting with myself. It's 1:37 AM and still can not forget that today must have been one of the best day. It hurts a little, but truth is the truth. I have been living with my own inconsistent scale factors. i will re graduate my scale, for sure and will stretch my skins little bit so that the dark part will not be visible to that much. If god gives me free will, I would like to change my level of inconsistency.
let me see!

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