Monday, October 8, 2007

Talk to me!

The bus was supposed to come at 9:10. It has been more than twenty minutes. I have been waiting for the bus. It is late again. As the time passes, more people gather around the bus stop. They all are like me. They wait for bus. They want to go to their room. Individually, they are much different from me. Some of them have plugged ipod into their ears and some of them are just watching the floor. As I look around, I find that many of them are busy with mobile phone. Some of them are yelling, some of them are in very romantic mode. one of them is crying. I don't understand Spanish, but one of the girl is really angry over the phone. However, She is saying the abusive words in English! Wow! I can understand that. I think if we say something very loudly, specially abuse someone in English, we may get some peace in mind. (What a way to clean up the mind!)   
I should not listen the conversation. I am not listening anything.  But, what the heck? She is really talking so loud. Do she really want everybody to listen?
Everyone is looking to her in a while. She looks angry and she does not care. She is in her own universe.
Some people talk so soft that , even when I am sitting next to him/her in the bus, I can hardly hear. In most of the case, when people are waiting for the public transportation, they talk. They talk over the phone and they do whatever they can. Everyone is confined into the unique universe. s/he and the phone. They pretend that they are flying. They smile, laugh, cry and do everything legal that can be done on the phone.
By the way, how much loud should we be talking over the phone? (without polluting the environment.)
Oh, the bus has arrived. I gotta go. Everyone has already lined up/ kinda piled up to get into the bus.

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