Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Social Dynamics

In America, people keep moving ...  keep changing the habitats. Be it rent or whatever, they love moving. They change the job and keep changing it. Everything is dynamic. The pace of such movements generate some kind of momentum in life and some kind of compulsion that every one can not end up being dependent. The symbol of struggle at any age and the spirit of competition.
In Nepal. moving meant a lot of mental tortures. Many become psychologically attached to the surroundings. I thought that was because of the fact that we love everything we own, we use and or we see.
May be that can be identified with a kind of greed that we tend to think that the whole world belongs to us. Hmm, may be not a greed, but it is something that sounds peculiar and unfamiliar. When we become familiar, we just tend to cling on that. May be, in the other way, we love not to change. We just tend to freeze and want the simple and periodic continuation of whatever we have in our hand and or in our surroundings. In the context of Nepal it seems natural too because nobody knows the future and what one is going to get if s/he let the things go. I think the situation makes a big difference. No one want to loose and wants to be happy with whatever s/he has at the moment! Hence the social dynamics is not progressive. It is struck! It is jammed and had been there for long time. I mean relatively there for long time. Lacks a new movement!
In America,
everything is dynamic. The one who remains without sense of dynamics, s/he is left out!
So America keeps moving.

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