Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Scientific Publications

Each and every discovery has added a boom in the development of science and technology. The discoveries give acceleration to whatever going around in the world. Some New ideas change the way humans live.
Internet has been one of the modern tools used by human beings.
I agree with the fact that the contents in the internet reflect  the present-day society. The good and the evil.
But there are many who use internet as a medium to explore (help to explore) and have been working for good or bad.
The question is what next after internet?
I found the following article inspiring and motivating. Specially for the fact that we are still clinging to some convention of peer reviewed articles.
 "Publication and the Internet: Where Next?", published as the Back Page essay in the American Physical Society News, April, 2005.
"Creation works ceaselessly through man. But man does not create, he discovers. Those who seek out the laws of Nature as support for new work collaborate with the Creator."
-- Antoni Gaudi

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