Monday, September 3, 2007

News and Nepal

Finally, the summer is over.
The classes begin from tomorrow.
I will be back to routine!
News I have been going through:
1.I was shocked by the news of Blasts in Kathmandu killing innocent people and children and injuring many. I have no words to express the sorrow. I feel pity to myself.
I have been updating myself about the news through the blog-news site: The informal news style gives me more and in depth news.
2. I was also reading the "Nepal" weekly through the .
The cultural evolution can be seen everywhere on it. The news about the couples kissing everywhere, ladies working on the fields on equal efficiency and what not! and the news of wadi ladies "petikot parba! ("
The news are mainly concentrated over the politics. However, other serious issues of nation has also started to show its presence. And (let me not criticize but) the leadership efficiency????
The leadership is overwhelmed(stunned) by the emerging problems from every corners.
Dear Nepal, get well soon!

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