Thursday, September 20, 2007

Political Dynamics

When we get more than two bodies; we, the Physicists, think that it is hard problem to treat.
What would we think of political situations of Nepal?
It is a real many body interaction. With every kind of interaction whose laws we don't know. There are Dirac's delta functions, nonlinear  effects and too many discontinuities in the situations.
The feelings of people are very abstract and they can not be easily depicted as we could in the case of Physics. The laws of Physics are very clear : at least there are no place for sentiments and queers of dogmas. In the real time picture of Nepal, the everyday life has been hampered by the politics. I am not in the position to blame everything to "bad" politics. If the politics is just driven by some kind of sentiments, its hard to predict its trajectories. The results become unpredictable with the large error bars. The worse case scenario is the fact that the killing and all sorts of criminal activities have gotten a new evolutionary identity: Politics!
I think Nepal is going to be a good case study example for students of politics around the world. And, I believe that in many years to come, its political situation will give many nail biting experiences to historians too.

God Bless Nepal !!!

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