Friday, September 21, 2007

The Best Blogs

Thank You for visiting my blog ( )!
I have been trying to write regularly, a little bit. Preferably after the dinner, before going to bed. I have posted a message in my yahoo360 "blog" on how I got inspired and hence not doing copy and paste anymore. However, copy and paste had been some kinda effective way to start for me too. (
Sometime I do think that I have been posting to this blog regularlly, and hence really producing a lot of garbage.
Some people prefer to write with certain frequency which is once or twice a week. I am trying to write daily, and hence post it daily but sometimes I miss. I miss not only because I go blank
but also because after 12AM it is counted as the next day. I had been thinking that when I would write regularly, I could get some concrete structure in writing style. No improvements so far. Because, I do start typing some thing and instead of completing it, end up (and hence posting) with the another.

Some of the incomplete entries for future are about the Germany experiences , the big fish, "howto"s, logics and life in albany.
Some of my friends are pretty tired of hearing about my blog. Some have appreciated the "useful" links about the "how to"s about the application processes and my experiences.
Anyways, I believe that there are many stuffs to be posted.
And by the way, I was wondering what could be the best blog, I found these:


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