Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How many PhD?

Too many!
Just think, nearly (more than) 25 Nepali Physics students come to USA (and other countries) to pursue PhD degree in Physics and nearly the same number in Chemistry.
Though the trend is new, started about five/six years back.
The database is overwhelming, though not well documented. Mishra sir (CDP) wanted me to collect the database. He hoped that such database will help the policy makers to think about possible platform if they want the intellect to come back.
I had raised this issue in the plenary session in the Fourth national Conference organized by then RONAST.
It is a serious question. Suppose 10 Nepali people will start getting PhD and one or two think of returning to Nepal.
What s/he is forced to think is about the career.
Mishra Sir used to describe the present situation of Nepal as the situation of India in late 70's. Everybody was going aboard and he mentioned that India had a brust in developmental works after the trend to return was established.
How did India managed such issue?


  1. That is true. There is no official data regarding how many graduate students come abroad for their graduate study. It is sad to mention that our government can't even keep the record.Its great to intiate such type of job.I agree with Mishra Sir's thought.
    For the chemistry graduate students,post-doc's and doing job after graduate studies abroad, we have intiated to collect data and make a chemistry-family. Everybody is welcome to circulate this message to every chemists and also welcome to see our website-link.
    If you are chemists! you can reply through nchemgrad@gmail.com
    N-Chem Grads

  2. I was thinking about the number of Nepali PhD students as a whole in USA and I stumbled across this website. Are you aware of any initiative to keep track of such information?

    It would be a good idea to have such record. This will help us have interaction among the students from multiple disciplines as well as among the students within the same discipline.



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