Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Automatic", is it?

"Nothing is automatic, it was already worked out for you"- Me (if it has never been quoted)
I was trying to think of some algorithm and came across this feeling.
I mean you can see automatic stuffs because that was already programmed like that. This is the condition like that of developing familiarity. When we are familiar with something, it can be done without much concentration. For example you can talk and drive, you can recall elementary formulas and some of the mechanisms which has become so familiar with it and after practicing it many times.
Similar is the case with so called automatic thing. lets take another example: The CD/DVD drive can swallow the CD/DVD and if it was programmed to automatically read the content (like playing music or slide show) then it looks like automatic. but lets think of a situation when the CD was stuck in between!
if it was not conceived of that situation, then it is a huge problem!
The algorithm had not assumed such problem and thus if it was not designed to exit it, and continues to receive the swallow command it results in the damage. The nasty automatic stuff!
So, it seems to me that automated machines should have a learning branch. By virtue of which it can learn of/about the new situation which it never had come across. (I think there are already such things in the world.)
The problem is that once it("it" means something designed to be automatic) has been automated, it needs to learn and try to tackle the new situation. But the programmer can not think of millions of possibilities. So the possible set of problem is infinite and incomplete. If it can tackle the new situation then it will get innovation.
Am I talking about the nature of human innovation and Artificial Intelligence?
Human beings are already creating and contributing to many innovations!

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