Sunday, August 26, 2007

Decision Problem!

Every time I pass the Campus Center. I feel Energy. I can smell the new-ness around that area due to the new students.
I can identify the new ones with the brightness and energy of/in their eyes and the faded-ness of the old ones.
By the way, its been one year for me too. I have celebrated my first year-day in the blog too.
After one year, I have come across many feelings. They touch me swiftly and just fade away. However, some of the feelings left everlasting impressions.
Imagine a situation where your decision (binary : zero or one) affects the whole world. I have never come to(across) such situation, but would love to have one.
I have identified one of my problem.
Lets call it decision problem.
Suppose you have a man set to the button who can press it. After it is pressed, a missile is lunched (not to worry where it hits!)
He is asking you what do you want?
the answer is binary:
yes =1
no = 0
What will he do if you say 0.5?
Thatz bad!
Bad for everyone, since the result will be arbitary one.
For my case, I know that I can not please everyone. "If you please everyone, you please none."
And I speak of
0.5 +/- 0.5
How can I be evolved as such a ridiculous man in the world?

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