Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Search for Power law in Writings

Search for Power law in Writings:
{ See what everyone sees ....... Think what everyone does not!}

Today, In our group(Lab) meeting, we discussed about the power law and its applications. The components of Corresponding object, of which it is made up, if correctly identified, gives a great sense of scaling. For example the words and sentences I am typing in this blog are ordered in some ways and the amount (number) of words, letters, sentences, sections, paragraphs (and ...) possess some intelluctually sensable importance. I, being lazy, want to write as little as I can and want to express it, with as little confusion as that can be produced.

Levels and resolutions of each levels and scaling are important in every lattice type structure.
For example the power law involved in the Processor speed vs time.
I was amazed to hear about the moore's law ('s_law )

There are loops which confuses the distributions.and in my writings too there are loops.
The loops are, basically, meant to be aid for the development, but too much looping may kill the beauty!.

I must confess that i fail to write to reach to a good conclusion. May be a lot of time I would be posting without giving it a second look.
So, its creepy!
Well, I am not a professional writer, but that is never a good escape!

The correlations in writings is very important. This, when depicted in terms of the power law, becomes interesting.
Imagine a writing in which a chapter has no correlation to the overall theme of the book!
Its useless.

However, there can be some fluctuations. and it depends upon the reader too, how much fluctuations can s/he tolerate?
I think, in near future there will be some software which can tell whether you are in track while writing or have gone too far from what you started.
(like I have done in this piece........ Some one who needs that software is me! )
By the way what was the theme?

( )

(continue editing?)

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