Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dead man's Blog:

DeaD man's Blog:

I know that looking into other people's diary is a crime (well , may be its not).
What will you do if you find a dead man's diary?


It never matters whether the diary belongs to an alive man or a dead man.
It is readable (if there is no such notice), I will just read it.
But Promise, I will tell to no one!
One's views are there. And adding to the value is :it is time cooked. Means the feelings of that time, preserved, forever. Like taking a photo of a great moment. KODAK MOMENT!
I started writing when I was in class Eight. Inspired by the diary of the text book. A hap-hazardous one, tell you, I wrote it on the mid-day. I think, that's why I have been writing on the mid-days. In the night time, its just end of the day.
When does one start to write?
It differs. For me, when I am very packed, I do write.
BUSY and this SUMMER ?
I am serious.
This is 1:15 in the afternoon, and I am writing. I was supposed to write in the evening. At least I had planned to do so. After the Dinner.

I remember going to Norman Rockwell's Museum ( in Massachusetts; last Fall. I was told that it shows the life style of America around 50s. I loved it!!!
Like Dinoceros, we want to leave our footprints. (Lets say signatures)
Is this the reason that we are writing blogs?
Just imagine, after hundred years, somebody finds your blog. Ofcourse, supposing that you are already dead.
Is it readable? Informative? Entertaining?
Not my blog!


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